Monday, September 10, 2012

Dullness of the Skin

Dullness of the skin typically occurs around age 30. During this stage, the natural ability of your skin to slough off dead cells from the surface slows down. When the dry and dead cells build up. it is the time when the skin looks dull.

To freshen your skin, consider a regular exfoliation which brings fresh and translucent cells to the skin surface. You can try lotion or creams that contain alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids, which dissolve the glue that keeps the dead cells attached to the skin. Retinoids are also out there that for you to use, as they speed up the renewal of the skin cells. One particular choice is Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Defining Skin Brightener with light-reflective particles for instant radiance.

Also, you can cleanse your skin with facial scrub formulated with rounded microbeads. This is said to be potent for gently washing the dead cells loosened by As and retinoids. Keep your skin moisturized. If you do so. the moist cells will slough off more easily than hard and dry cells. Just select the items that are crafted with both occlusive ingredients like the petrolatum and dimethicone. which trap water in the skin, as well as the humectants like hyaluronic acid. urea and lactic acid, which bind water to the skin.

Considering those tips will most likely bring you to obtaining a healthy. good looking skin. So. if you have been dreaming for coveting the skin which most celebrities of today's era possess. then there's no reason for you to note what have been said. Always remember that our skin, being the largest organ of the body. tells of who and what we are. thus it's worth protecting.

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