Thursday, December 20, 2012

Best Sunless Tanning Lotion

Malignant melanoma - one of the most common and possibly the most talked about medical term which has a direct connection with over exposure to sun. Does that ring a bell? Yes, the traditional tanning methods which involves over exposure to sun can cause serious health hazards and even deadly type of skin cancer (malignant melanoma). Possibly you know this already, prolong and continuous sun contact can result into premature aging and other skin problems. Does that mean there's no way to flaunt that golden bronze celebrity skin tone? Does that really mean that you need to bid bye to your tanning idea? Fret no more, technology has made enough advancement in cosmetology and today the best sunless tanning lotions have gained immense attention while making the concept of sunless tanning a staggering reality.

Over exposure to sun rays can cause damage to your skin hence people are actually turning to a logical alternative. In fact the need of something effective and something that actually works has been long felt and the introduction of sunless tanning lotion has now made it possible to flaunt that golden glow for which you might have longed so far. Sure it's possible to enjoy a golden tan without exposing yourself to the harmful ultraviolet rays.

Still the question hovers in the air - is it at all necessary to bid bye to your sunbathing regime? And the answer is a resounding YES. This is particularly because; when you bask in the sun to get that ultimate golden glow the deeper layer of your skin gets affected. When overexposed, you can actually get serious sunburn.

To be honest - when it comes to the point of tanning the common misconception that prevails is that one needs to bake in the sun for innumerable hours or they must bake for at least few minutes at the tanning bed almost every other day. Of course these and fetch you the desired tanning effect however they can also leave the door ajar to skin cancer and skin burn. Furthermore, sun exposure can make you look older and within your early 30s you would be able to see age spots dark circles, crow's feet and fine lines. Why take chances at all when a much better alternative is available. Sure best sunless tanner no smell can give you the same result and the same golden shimmer without the ill effect of sun exposure.

Wait, does that mean you can simply pick up any so called tanning lotion? Do you really think that any off the shelf product can help you to achieve that enviable bronze glow? Well, toy can try however there's no guarantee and you can end up with a frustrating orange skin tone. Alas - not all tanning cream and lotions can give you that celebrity bronze tone that you are actually looking for. Only the best sunless tanning lotion offers you the freedom to try out for almost FREE before making your decision.

That's right these indeed come with some sort of guarantee. Well, they render you the much required confidence because tanning with the best sunless tanner no smell gives you that celeb style bronze look without those ran marks, tan lines or sun burns.

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