Friday, December 28, 2012

Brazilian Blowout Cures Bad Hair Day

If you're having a terrible hair day, one of the techniques that can cure it is the Brazilian Blowout. Having your hair look unsightly can make you crabby and insecure. If your hairdo is an embarrassing mistake, it can bring on troubles at work, create strain in a relationship, and create emotional disturbances in the individual. Bad hair days can result from bad cuts, problematic dye jobs, shocking perms, and natural textures that have gone awry.

Most people have experienced at least one terrible haircut unless they're a person who wears theirs to the seat of their jeans. Extremely longhaired individuals rarely cut their hair, so they minimize their chances of looking like they've been in an accident with a landscaping tool. For the rest of us who get our hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks, chances are high that there will be an "oh no!" moment in there somewhere. Some sort of miscommunication often causes it, so it's important to speak clearly and show photos of the desired look. To cure this problem, hair will need to grow out or a more experienced stylist may be able to salvage the cut.

Problematic dye jobs happen all the time, even with experienced stylists. Coloring your strands is like a chemistry experiment. Everyone's hair will react to the dye in a slightly different way each time. The color technician will have to know his or her stuff to even get it right most of the time. If your color ends up the wrong color, an experienced beautician can repair it. If it looks damaged or frizzy afterward, a Brazilian Blowout could salvage the texture.

If you've had a perm that looks like you've put your finger into a light switch, you can relax the kinks with a Brazilian Blowout. This is a process performed by a trained stylist who must know how to do it properly in order to counteract some of the fumes from the processing. If you've been born with frizzy, textured hair, you can create a silkier, smoother texture with this technique, as well.

Bad hair days can temporarily bring you down. If you hate the way your tresses look, you may call in sick, which will get you in trouble with the boss. If you don't want your boyfriend or girlfriend to see how horrid your hair looks, you may avoid them, which does not build your relationship. Having a whack job for a haircut can make a person become depressed, anxious and may lead to excessive hat wearing. Remedies to these problems include getting another trim by a more experienced stylist, putting a color correcting solution on it, and changing a texture from frizzy to smooth with a Brazilian Blowout.

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