Friday, January 4, 2013

A Good Beauty Routine Includes A Gentle Exfoliator

Ask beauty experts and they will tell you that exfoliation is an important component of a skin care routine. Cleansing and moisturizing only go so far and even sunscreen cannot deliver the healthy benefits that exfoliation provides. If your beauty routine does not include regular use of a gentle exfoliator, make this change. Skin will immediately begin to benefit, making the face and body look great in the process.

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of skin. Traditionally, it was performed in a spa or salon using expensive products and tools. Today, people can exfoliate their skin at home and without eating up their entire paychecks in the process. Inexpensive exfoliators are available for all types of skin and some of them contain natural botanical or mineral ingredients plus skin-benefitting vitamins.

The exfoliation process can be performed mechanically or chemically. With the mechanical approach, an abrasive scrub is used to physically remove dead cells through a scrubbing action. Chemical exfoliation uses a scrub that contains a special type of acid that dissolves and removes dead skin cells. The product is applied and then washed off skin, with no scrubbing involved. Though the chemical approach is gentler from a friction standpoint, the chemicals themselves can be quite harsh.

Why should we put our skin through this process anyway? Are there really benefits to be gained from this extra step in the skin care routine? Yes! When dead skin cells build up, they can clog pores and contribute to the production of excess oil. The result... pimples or even acne. The aging process brings another reason to exfoliate. Cell regeneration slows as we age so it takes longer for the body to shed skin cells and create new cells. A pileup of old skin cells on its surface can make skin dry, rough, and dull.

When we exfoliate, we remove the dead skin cells that are blocking new cells from appearing. With the new cells now on the surface, skin is more receptive to moisturizing lotions and creams. These products can penetrate skin more deeply, so they will be more effective. By exfoliating regularly, we enable our skin to look healthy and fresh. An exfoliator that is gentle can be used every week because the ingredients will not tear skin when getting rid of the dead cells.

When going the manual exfoliation route, select a product that contains round, smooth granules and proceed gently. Light scrubbing is all that is needed to remove dead skin cells. Scrubbing too hard can irritate skin and may even lead to a rash. Some exfoliators can be mixed with a daily facial cleanser to increase their cleaning power.

Now that the secret to healthy, glowing skin has been revealed, get started. Find a gentle exfoliator that contains natural substances like fruit and flower seeds and corn meal. Start with weekly exfoliation and use this treatment more frequently if desired. The results will be subtle but noticeable and the face will feel rejuvenated.

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