Thursday, January 24, 2013

Best Selling Wrinkle Care Creams Are No Good - Here's Why

This may come as a surprise to you, but the best selling wrinkle care cream, no matter brand name it is, will very likely turn out to be a waste of time and money and worse, actually be harmful for your skin.

I know that is a rough thing to say, but hear me out and read on to discover the truth and learn how to tell the good wrinkle creams from the bad ones.

The sad truth is that the best selling wrinkle care cream is the result of clever marketing. Pretty, young looking (or actually young; younger than anyone really using a wrinkle care cream) try to talk you into trying the latest product on television, on the Internet, on billboards - skin care advertising is everywhere!

The problem is, most of these heavily marketed products are no good.

Basically, these anti aging creams and lotions tend to be full of cheap ingredients like mineral oil and chemicals like parabens. In addition, they contain little of any useful effective ingredients like natural antioxidants or oils. It is all about profit and not about your health or your skin.

The truth is that the best creams are so natural and pure, that they are safe enough to eat!

There is a good reason for this, and it will become clear if you think about it for a second: everything that you apply on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream. The process is very similar as if you had eaten it, actually. Do you really want all that chemical mush in your system?

What you want instead are creams and lotions that are safe and look after the health and well-being of your skin, instead of trying to reap the biggest profit for the company. There are anti wrinkle care creams like these on the market, too, although they will not be the best selling ones you can get at any supermarket.

Find products which are filled with natural goodness and effective anti wrinkle ingredients like Xtend TK, sea kelp and natural oils like Babassu wax to name a few. These ingredients will nourish your skin and make you look and feel better than any popular brand name skin cream filled with chemicals could ever do.

Take this advice: look past the glossy advertising of the leading brand anti wrinkle care creams and look instead for natural products which really work to make you look young and beautiful again.

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