Thursday, January 31, 2013

Clear Away Wrinkles and Get Younger Looking Skin

Most people begin to notice the first thin fine lines and small wrinkles when they hit their thirties - a few lines around the eyes, tiny wrinkles around the mouth, maybe some frown lines on the forehead. That's perfectly normal and in itself nothing to worry about. But a couple of years later, these people realize to their horror that these harmless "laugh lines" are there to stay and their smooth skin is no longer so young-looking as it was.

It can be very depressing to realize that even you cannot stop aging, and that your skin is starting to show that aging process, but you don't have to just give up and accept your wrinkles as something that cannot be helped. There are natural, soothing skin care products that can clear away wrinkles and help you get back your youthful looking skin. If you make lifestyle changes, they will have an extra positive effect on both your health and your looks.

Why do wrinkles appear?

There are both internal and external causes for the appearance of wrinkles. Of course, age is the big one that none of us can escape. Though a few people can have great genes and keep looking young well into their forties, most people will just naturally start to see wrinkles by the time they hit 35. Aging skin cannot produce enough collagen, which keeps the skin smooth and wrinkles away. If you want to clear your wrinkles, you need to help your skin make more collagen and fight the wrinkles from the inside out.

Some external factors cause wrinkles, too, and you might even guess which the big two are: smoking and getting too much sun. If you are a smoker, you can expect to see many more wrinkles on your face than a non-smoker. Get help from your doctor if you need to, but quit smoking as soon as possible both for your health and your appearance. I know it's not that easy, but I've done it myself and I must say my skin has improved tremendously as a result.

If you are exposed to the sun a lot (perhaps you work outside or love to tan) you, too, will most likely start to see wrinkles sooner than someone stays away from the sun. If you must work in the sun, use a good natural sunscreen every day. If you tan a lot, try to cut down on it somewhat and skip solarium altogether. A paler tone can be very beautiful, too - and it's not a health hazard either! Both these tips will help clear away wrinkles and generally improve the look of your skin.

Keeping your skin hydrated by using good, natural, collagen boosting skin care moisturizers and minimizing the damage to your skin from the outside will put you on the road to clearing your wrinkles and getting back your younger looking skin.

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