Friday, January 25, 2013

Herbal Tea for More Beautiful Skin

These days, tea appears to be in everything, including your mug - green tea extracts in your organic beauty products, white tea skin lotions and black tea masks, to name a few. This beverage, which is great for your body, also provides skin benefits, and you don't even necessarily have to drink any of the beverage to get them! Using teabags in your beauty routine can help with getting rid of acne, reducing puffiness around the eyes, and can even heal a sunburn. Here are some ways to use tea to your skin's advantage.

It helps you relax.
Many of the problems associated with our skin can be exacerbated by stress. Adult acne breakouts and fine lines may be easier to prevent if we could just slow down and calm down. Get a teabag (it doesn't matter what kind of tea) and a big mug of hot water, and steep your tea according to the directions. Then sit in your favorite spot with your cup and just relax and enjoy. Take a few minutes in the morning or evening (make sure your drink is decaf if it's before bed!) to unwind and de-stress. Your skin will thank you.

It keeps your eyes feeling good.
If you suffer from under-eye bags, tiredness or puffiness, you can use teabags for how to look younger naturally. Simply brew your beverage using two bags, and when they're done, apply the teabags directly over your eyes. You can do this while they're warm, or if you prefer a cool compress, put them in the fridge after they've steeped in your cup. Leave the bags on for at least five minutes.

It doesn't dehydrate your body.
Similar to colas and coffee, tea contains caffeine, but in significantly smaller amounts. The reduced amount of caffeine and increased water consumption helps keep your body and skin nourished and hydrated.

It can help with healing acne blemishes.
Steep your tea, then drain the excess water from the bag. Place the warm, damp bag on the spot for a few minutes. When you take off the bag, don't wash the tea off your face.

It is fantastic for your health.
Not only is tea packed with antioxidants, it can provide all sorts of health benefits. It helps your body fight free radicals, and it protects you from a myriad of health problems. It can help reduce your risk of heart attacks, cancers and degenerative diseases.

It's a way to relieve and heal a sunburn.
Whether you spent too long in the sun or accidentally got too close to the stove, cool, wet teabags can help relieve minor burns. For sunburns that cover too much of your body, treat your bathtub like a giant mug and steep several teabags in the warm water, then soak in it for instant relief.

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