Friday, January 25, 2013

New Treatments for Age Old Wrinkle Problems

In the last 20 years our approach to the signs of facial ageing has come a long way.

There was a time when good skincare meant buying a decent moisturiser and using it twice a day. This is still important and a vital foundation. However, there are many more sophisticated options for beating those unwelcome lines and wrinkles, as well as tackling ageing hyperpigmentation, poor skin condition and sun damage.

These solutions are so effective that they have become relatively commonplace and a popular part of many women, and men's skincare regimes.

These are professional skincare treatments to complement skincare at home.

Without the need to resort to surgery, there are a range of advanced cosmetic treatments that can be utilised to improve the appearance of the skin, often making the patient look years younger in a very short time. In addition, treatment can be completed in a relatively quick visit to the doctor, at a fraction of the cost compared to surgery and with much faster recovery. Depending on the treatment, results may be instantaneous, although treatments which boost the condition of the skin develop and continue to improve for a few weeks before the full effect is visible..

Procedures to target wrinkles:

Wrinkles are the most obvious sign of ageing. The fact that they appear on the face makes them all the more difficult to hide. There is only so much benefit that make-up can deliver, if the structure of the skin itself is starting to sag.

Where lines and creases become more prominent with age, these cosmetic treatments can very directly target the unwelcome signs of ageing. Popular options include botox ® anti-wrinkle injections which relax the underlying facial muscles so that the skin can drape smoothly over it and injectable dermal fillers which add volume to the skin where it has been lost, thereby plumping out the deeper creases.

Laser technology adds further options for effective anti-ageing treatment and is particularly effective on issues of discoloration caused by over-exposure to the sun.

Procedures to improve the skin:

In addition to targeting the lines and wrinkles, patients complexion and skin texture can be improved with treatments designed to boost the skin's own health and promote production of collagen, making the skin firmer and healthier from within.

Skin rollering or micro-needling and professional chemical peels both stimulate the skin's own healing mechanisms.

Micro-needling works by prickling the skin with thousands of tiny holes, while chemical peels are essentially an intensive exfoliant.

With both of these treatments, the skin should continue to improve for a few weeks since they work to boost collagen.


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