Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Rhythm Of Life Is Head Over Heels For Cocoa Beans

As music has a beat, so does your heart, and it beats to the rhythm of life. A healthy heartbeat isn't just based on what you feed it, but what fuels it and gets it pumping. As February is "Heart" month, there is something more beloved and endearing that '... puts a tingle in your fingers and a tingle in your feet,' and that's Chocolate.

For most, the greater love than the greatest love of their life is chocolate.

Great quality dark chocolate is a medicinal force to be reckoned with as cocoa, and in its original form of cacao, reigns supreme in antioxidant rich super foods. It doesn't just top the charts by a little, but by a lot. It is known to help reverse some of the symptoms that comprise the Metabolic Syndrome that is playing havoc with modern day health around the world.

Metabolic Syndrome is the label for a group of risk factors closely linked to being overweight or obese, including the lack of physical activity that can increase your chances for heart disease and other health problems. A large waist, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol counts, and high levels of blood sugar are some of the key factors in this long list. When people have three of these conditions, they are diagnosed with metabolic syndrome.

It's possible to prevent or delay metabolic syndrome, not only by eating right, but also by understanding the balance that is required for a healthy lifestyle. Almost everything is okay, as long as it's in moderation. The word moderation is usually translated to mean deprivation, but you shouldn't totally eliminate things that give you pleasure. If you like red meat, eat red meat, but don't order a steak on a daily basis, and occasionally order halibut instead.

Once upon a time, man was a hunter. He needed to eat high-fat foods in order to have the energy to hunt down his next meal. Today we barely chase the bus, let alone chase our meat, as we can grab it from the butcher section of any grocer. The modernization of man has us using less effort. We're less active; we're eating more calories than we use up, and these bad habits are starting at a young age. Play used to be physical in nature; today it's often games on our TVs, computers, hand-held devices and cellular phones.

A healthy heart is one that pumps, and pumps at various levels, and nothing gets the heart palpitating like falling in love. There are thousands of medical studies that demonstrate the power of chocolate to heal an ailing heart is as effective as how it mends a broken one.

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