Thursday, January 31, 2013

What Are Blackheads and What Causes Them?

Blackheads are among the more commonly experienced problems of people who have acne. They are caused by dead skin cells and bacteria trapped in pores along with your skin's natural oil, which is known as sebum. This causes infection to occur, clogging the pore. In large pores, there will not be any skin to form over that infection. That layer is then exposed to air, which oxidizes it and turns it black. This is why it looks black on the skin surface.

Excess hormones such as those found during puberty and pregnancy, along with monthly cycles, can cause your skin to produce more oil than it needs to keep it moisturized. It becomes blocked in the pore, and doesn't have a natural way to flow to the skin surface. This oil backs up and then mixes with the dead cells of skin that will not be shed in a normal way.

The best way to avoid blackheads is to take an active role in preventing them. Reducing the oil produced in your skin will help. When your skin is very oily, it can clog the pores more easily. If you wash your face too often or too roughly, this causes more oil production. Do not wash your skin for so long that it feels irritated.

Blackheads can ruin your complexion, so it's natural to try to get rid of them as soon as they appear, if you're not successful in preventing them. The skin needs to be kept clean, but not scrubbed with a lot of vigor, to reduce blackhead formation. Skin cleansing products can be too harsh on your facial skin, and if you notice flaking or drying out when you use a facial cleanser, select a different cleanser to use. Choose a cleanser that keeps your face fresh and clean, not irritated.

In addition to not over-scrubbing your face, you may use a product that helps in restoring the normal oil flow from your pores by working to improve the pore lining shape. A good product will reduce the excess oil and absorb what's already there. It will remove the built-up dead skin cells that are not being shed normally by your skin.

Many products don't work as well as they should in this area, which is why keeping the excess oil from being produced is one of the main ways to prevent the problem from occurring in the first place. Sometimes a gentle soap and water work better than more aggressive cleansers to keep your skin free of blackheads.

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