Monday, February 4, 2013

3 Good Natural Remedies for Severe Acne You Can Apply on Your Skin

You will agree with me that severe acne is ruining your life. It is constantly making you to hate yourself more. You want to end this torture and suffering, but you couldn't. It is so depressing, and you don't know what to do. You just want to enjoy your life like normal people do. You just want to enjoy the beauty of your own face. Sadly, your acne is ruining your life and all your hopes.

What do you need to do in time of desperation? What do you need to do to initiate the change? Most people will surrender to the fate that they're experiencing today. They won't do anything to change their condition, even though it is only a small thing. They don't want to see any more desperation in their failure.

But, some people will try to do something to change their condition. You have to be one of them. You have to possess the desire to make your life better. You have to clear your acne, now and forever. Don't just sit around doing nothing. It won't help you. And acne won't be cured by itself. You have to be proactive in fighting your acne. In this way, you won't lose the battle.

Here are 3 good natural remedies for severe acne that you can apply to your skin. Perhaps, these remedies will help you to make your condition better.

1. Manuka honey: You can apply this special honey on your skin in order to reduce the swelling and inflammation of your severe acne.

2. Almond oil: This type of oil will help you to moisturize your skin and reduce skin dryness. In this way, you can keep your skin in healthy condition.

3. Virgin coconut oil: This oil will help you to reduce the appearance of your severe acne. If you apply virgin coconut oil regularly, your skin will repair itself within short period of time.

Those remedies are relatively safe for your skin. However, remember to avoid applying homemade remedies containing vitamin C because it can potentially aggravate your acne by making your inflammation worse. So, you have to stay away from severe acne remedies that contain vitamin C.

As for the effectiveness of those remedies, it will be varied among acne sufferers. Some might have good experience with those remedies, while some others might not. Just be aware that if things don't feel good, you should stop the usage immediately.

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