Monday, February 4, 2013

3 Steps to Banish Severe Chin Acne

Severe chin acne can be annoying, and it can mess with your appearance. This is true especially if the condition is severe or bad enough to make you depressed. Sometimes, severe chin acne is difficult to eliminate, but given the right method, you can eliminate it within one week. Of course, it is only an approximate time frame. However, if you do the 3 steps below, you will be able to banish your severe chin acne ASAP:

1. Stay away from it

The first step is to stay away from your chin acne. I mean, you don't need to pick it. You don't need to scratch it. You don't need to touch it. You don't need to apply any remedy on it. You just stay away from it. Don't put your hand on it AT ALL. Then, wash your face with plain water every morning and night. You have to keep your face clean from oil and dirt in order to make it easier for your skin to heal your acne.

2. Stay away from bad diet

Your bad diet can become a disaster for your skin. You know, if you have bad diet, it might cause more problem to your skin. It will cause more acne on other areas in your skin. Your severe chin acne is enough to make you depressed, but you don't want to make yourself even more depressed by having severe acne on your cheek and forehead. So, just stay away from bad diet and start eating something healthy like fruits and veggies. I recommend eating cucumbers, apples, avocado juice, vegetable salad, soup, and smoothie.

3. Stay away from stress

Stress can make your acne persist. If you have enough stress, you will give power to your acne to keep sitting on your chin. It will become more severe over time. You don't want that. Stress will make you even more depressed too. And if you're depressed, you are not thinking clearly. You will not be able to stand up by yourself and have the self-confidence that you should have. So, stay away from stress. Do some breathing exercises to keep your mind calm. If you have time, attend some yoga classes in your area. It will help you to manage your stress level effectively. Also, don't forget to have a good rest each and every day. Do not overwork your body and do not attend to unnecessary late night party that will only build up more stress in your mind.

Those 3 steps will help you to banish your chin acne effectively, if you follow them. Give it one week, and you will see the result.

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