Tuesday, February 5, 2013

5 Tips on How to Make Your Skin Look Smoother, Younger and More Attractive

You can make your skin look smoother, younger and more attractive. There is no single beauty product that provides all of those benefits, despite what you may see in cosmetic company ads. If you want to look your best, you need a complete plan. Here are 5 tips that can be included in your plan.

Use Only Natural Skincare Products

The artificial ingredients in many popular cosmetics can cause blotchiness, pimples and irritation. The symptoms may be minor and happen only infrequently, which can make it hard for you to realize what's causing the problem.

Ideally, you want to use only skincare products that contain safe, non-allergenic and natural ingredients.
Some of the specific ingredients to avoid include:

· Petrolatum and mineral oil-pore clogging, aggravate acne
· Alcohol-causes redness, dryness and irritation
· Artificial preservatives-most common cause of allergic reactions
· Artificial and added fragrances-second most common cause of allergic reactions

Cleanse Gently

Scrubbing and exfoliating might seem like the right thing to do if you have bumps, pimples or blackheads on your face. But over-cleansing actually causes increased irritation of bumps and pimples, making them worse instead of better.

Blackheads are not composed of dirt. They are actually composed of oxidized dead skin cells and sebum, oil produced by the skin. You can use a special tool to remove blackheads gently or a deep cleansing mask to get rid of them.

A good gentle cleanser containing kiwifruit extract will help to prevent oxidation that leads to blackheads. If the cleanser also contains active manuka honey, it will help heal pimples and prevent new ones from forming because of the natural antibacterial and antioxidant activity.

Use a Deep Cleansing Mask on Occasion

Deep cleansing masks can be very refreshing. The best ones are composed of clay extracts and natural plant-based oils. The clay extracts absorb excessive sebum and gently clean out the pores. The natural oils help to prevent the clay from drying out on the skin and becoming difficult to remove. They also help prevent excessive drying activity.

Moisturize Regularly

Whether your skin is oily, normal or dry, you should always moisturize after bathing, showering or washing your face. Even plain water removes the skin's natural oils, leaving it unprotected and prone to dryness.

Moist skin is firmer, smoother, softer and more youthful looking. As long as you avoid the ingredients mentioned above, you will not have to worry about a greasy feeling or shiny complexion.

Grape seed oil is an excellent daily moisturizer. Shea butter is a good choice when you have dryness issues that sometimes occur during the wintertime.

Take Some Good Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements can improve your skin's appearance from the inside out. One of the better supplements for the skin includes a combination of fish oil, astaxanthin and lycopene. The fish oil works to improve firmness, while the astaxanthin and lycopene work to prevent free radical damage that can lead to wrinkles.

Together the three ingredients have been shown to improve the skin's softness and smoothness. Combined with the other tips, a good dietary supplement can help you have more attractive skin naturally.

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