Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Few Foods That Will Reduce Red Spots

Red spots on the face are usually caused by infection and bacteria in the skin. These acne spots can indeed appear on any part of the body, causing people misery. There are, however, some proven to work diet tips that work for red spots and acne bumps, so you do not have to visit the doctor or pharmacist for an expensive prescription drug immediately. Below you will find some of the best foods that will reduce red spots, support your body and skin from the inside so it can fight bacteria.


Honey is a natural antibiotics, and as such helps your body get rid of bacteria and infection. Apart from eating it, you can create a natural mask as well to reduce red spots. Ensure that you only buy natural, unprocessed organic honey without any additives, as those can affect the skin's health and increase the redness causing inflammation. Honey can be also used when added to herbal tea, and you will see the benefits on your skin complexion very soon.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea, just like honey, can be used externally and internally alike. If you do have a skin problem, this super anti-inflammatory medicine will help you get rid of red spots and acne. Swap a coffee of black tea to this natural remedy for acne spots and you will be able to reduce red spots.

Grapefruit Juice and Citrus Fruit

Eating loads of citrus fruit, especially grapefruit will release antioxidants in your body, helping your skin get rid of infection, inflammation and redness. Make sure that you start the day with one of these fruits; you can actually combine grapefruit with honey by cutting the fruit in half and pouring the sweet juice inside. If you do this in the evening and put the grapefruit in the fridge overnight, by breakfast time you can give your skin the boost it needs to reduce red spots.

Superfoods: Dried Goji Berry and Acai Berry

There are many Goji Berry and Acai Berry food supplements available to treat acne. However, you always have to choose the most unprocessed form of the antioxidants to get the best results. You can buy organically harvested super food in herbal stores, and the dried format can be a good snack, a replacement for your morning cereal or you can simply eat it with a yoghurt. It is not only delicious, but also will help you reduce acne problems and fight pimples.


Many people would say that olives are full of fat and they would make acne problems worse. The opposite is true. You can get many minerals and vitamins from these, and it is also used as a natural moisturizer, as it does not block your pores. Good fat is important for your body to produce cells fighting bacteria, and the best way to get this into the body in a natural way is eating a few olives a day.


OK, so you thought that this is not really a fruit just sugar and water? Think again! Watermelon has many vitamins that help achieve a better skin complexion and reduce red spots. Vitamins A, C and B will help your body fight acne, and watermelons keep your system naturally hydrated.

Low Fat Dairy

Likewise, the Vitamin A content (yes, the vitamin that is found in most expensive acne treatment products) of these dairy products is very high. They are also rich in healthy bacteria strengthening your immune system. Eating a low fat yoghurt, swapping cheddar cheese to cottage cheese or soured cream will help your skin look radiant and acne-free for a long time.


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