Monday, February 11, 2013

Acne Vulgaris Treatment Best Occurs From Within

Acne vulgaris is a skin condition that affects millions all over the world, particularly teenagers with their hormones in overdrive.

Now, while some take acne vulgaris in their stride and move on with life the usual way, for many it becomes a predicament too much to bear. Eventually, they start worrying obsessively about their acne affliction day in and day out, paying little heed to other everyday activities. Naturally, by this stage, it is clear that acne has completely taken over the lives of such people.

Keeping this aspect in mind, it is really very important to remember that acne can be treated relatively easily, that too in completely natural and simple ways. Further, one of the most important aspects to remember for all those suffering from acne is that it is best treated when treated from within, and not externally. Otherwise, the treatment remains only a temporary cure, till the next acne outburst, and not a permanent solution to the acne problem.

With this fact firmly entrenched in our minds, let us now look at some natural ways in which acne vulgaris can be prevented from occurring in the first place.

Maintaining Clean Skin

One of the first steps to preventing acne vulgaris is to ensure clean skin at all times, at least to the greatest extent possible. Otherwise, it is a known fact that dirty skin is the perfect breeding ground for acne.

This is especially true when dirt and grime combine with oily skin, especially if you happen to have naturally oily skin. So if you already have rather oily skin, it becomes even more important that you pay careful attention to keeping your skin clean and dry.

Skin Friendly Diet

Perhaps the most important aspects of preventing acne would be to ensure a diet which is skin friendly. Now, a skin friendly diet of course has various aspects attached to it. First up, we find that most foods high in their sugar content are not skin friendliness quotient at all. This would particularly include artificial sugars as contained in desserts, colas, candies and so on, as opposed to natural sugars like in fruits, which of course is good for your entire body.

So when it comes to a skin friendly diet, the first step would be to avoid artificial sugars.

In the same breath, it has been seen that fresh fruits and vegetables make a world of difference as far as preventing acne is concerned, so make sure that your diet plan maximizes the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Avoiding Stress and Regulating Sleeping Hours

While in our adolescence, we often indulge ourselves to an extent where we end up being stressed, say about our tests and examinations, while also compromising on our sleep. Unknowingly, this has a poor effect on our skin, often leading to acne.

So a key factor in preventing acne from within would be to avoid stress and regulate sleeping hours.


The initiatives highlighted above can clearly go a long way in preventing acne vulgaris from within.


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