Friday, February 1, 2013

Do NOT Block Your Body from Healing Your Acne

There are many hidden secrets within your body. Why do you have your acne? Is there anything you can do to eliminate it? It depends on your body. Your body has natural mechanism that is designed to keep it in good condition. For instance, if you accidentally fall on the ground, and you get bruises in your skin, your body will naturally cure those bruises within few days or weeks, depending on severity. This curing mechanism happens without your concern, i.e. without your awareness of it.

You can leave it alone, and it is sure that your body will rebuild your skin tissue. But, you can also speed up the process by applying bandage in your damaged area. It is true with your acne. Your body, without your concern, is doing the healing process to cure your acne. However, acne is much more complex than simple bruises on your skin. That's because you can block the process of healing without you realizing it.

You can't just apply a bandage and expect it to heal. You have risk of inflammations, swelling, redness, breakouts, and so on waiting for you. If you take the wrong turn, you'll end up in a mess. Your acne may grow into severe acne if you keep neglecting what your body needs to accomplish its healing process. Yes, that's true. Your body needs your cooperation in this process. You are the one in control of your body's direction.

Do you want to block the process? Or, do you want to help your body to speed up the process?

Acne is a special problem, a problem that will make you feel depressed and lonely. When you have an accident, and you have some wounds in your body, your friends will visit you in hospital and give you encouragement. But, when you have acne, no one will give you any encouragement. No one will visit you in hospital. That's because acne is considered a small problem, although the effect of it is bigger than most people think.

People will tend to look at you disgusted. People will abandon you and isolate you. They will pretend to be nice in front of you, while constantly back-biting you when you are not present. It's really a sad experience. That's why most people get more and more depressed with their acne condition.

But, you have to stick with your gun. Focus on the healing process which is naturally happening within your body. Help your body to rebuild its skin tissue. Help your body, and don't block it. If you keep feeling depressed, you are blocking your body. If you keep feeding your body with bad substances, you are blocking your natural healing process.

Explore natural option. This is really the ONLY option that you have. It can speed up the process.

Don't go to the dermatologists. They will only give you another drug full of harmful chemicals. You need to explore natural healing method. Go for holistic treatment. Go for homeopathic treatment. You will end up in better place if you use natural means to eliminate your acne.


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