Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to Not Blush So Easily

The sweetness of an orchestra's sound does not depend on the perfection when each key is played, but the knowledge that unites the musicians on that stage. Some may be shy, others top the most hated list, but everything has an advantage and a disadvantage. The realization of what stands out best in each individual. So where does the shyness come from and what tips of do you give to a friend on how to not blush so easily?

* Are you really shy and why?

The history of shyness in a person may vary in causes and durability. It may have been caused by low self esteem, a result of constant criticism in by family members which spreads to other acquaintances. You may have noticed your child's lack of ability to look people in the eye when they are faced by not only strangers, but also people they know. It is the parents' responsibility to help the child gain courage and up to friends to bring out the oomph in their colleagues.

Blushing is a common reaction by all people of high and low calibers, but not a disease that can be eradicated completely. This is because it's presence has an advantage and a disadvantage.


When a guy approaches a lady for a date, it is abnormal for the lady not to blush if she is interested in the relationship or one time treat. Blushing in this case is a positive. The volcano should however blow if the guy blushes more than the lady. If you are this kind of a male and you want to get married in future, you may want to read on.


It has been tried out in movies and proven in some reality cases, that practicing the conversation with yourself in front of a mirror, helps get the goosebumps out. This way, you get familiar with the phrases to use and since practice makes perfect, you will be match at ease with what you have tried out over and over again. The response may be negative, which may not be your fault. Nevertheless, the goal here is to come out courageous and walk away tall after the rejection. You never know, the lady may be having a bad day or is plainly just rude.

Another observation of blushing is common during a discussion on a certain topic. You will bear witness to the fact that one is bound to blush when they do not have all the information. It is perfectly normal for each party to argue to put their point across, but what happens when you have no idea what everyone is fussing about? You feel left out and find yourself drawing the map of your country with your toes, with your head down. Suddenly, the friend you have always wanted to impress shows up the no worse time. Embarrassing isn't it?

Spend more time in the library and your spare time learning some new vocabulary if you want to win the next discussion and that popular girl's heart.

During a public presentation...

The best way to gain the upper hand and get composed in a public presentation;in a school symposium, office strategy presentation or interview is to follow the following.

a) Get enough knowledge about the topic you want to discuss, the questions you will be asked or understand the strategies well. This will give you a smooth flow of the whole process and help you think as you speak.

b) Looking at your interviewer's forehead will make the impression that you are actually looking at their eyes. It will help you escape the sudden facial expressions, that the other party may make. Do not let your anxiety give you the confused face after a joke has been cracked.

Remember, you have the right to enjoy every conversation or meeting and confidently so.

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