Monday, February 11, 2013

Just What Causes Acne

Acne plagues many adolescents and young adults across the world. there are several things that contribute to the problem of acne. The main reason for a pimple to appear on your skin is due to the pore becoming clogged. when dirt or other debris gets into the pores it can become clogged and then you get the inflammation and infection associated with a pimple.

Your skin has many tiny holes called pores. Hair follicles grow out of these pores. Sebum which is the oil that is made by your skin pushes dead skins cells out through these openings. If debris plugs one of these holes, the hair shaft can become impacted and the oil and dirt have no way of escaping out of the skin. This will cause the redness, swelling and pus to appear.

You may wonder what causes acne to start appearing around the age of puberty or adolescences. The hormonal changes that a person goes through at this time can cause an acne breakout to occur.

There are different types of pimples that you can get:

Blackheads - these are clearly visible, they have a black center and come to the surface of the skin. The black is not dirt and trying to scrub them will not remove the blackhead and will not help.

Whiteheads - these type remain under your skin and are small then will generally get a small pus filled top to them.

Papules - these blemishes are visible and come to the surface of the skin. They are generally small and pink.

Cysts - become very visible at the surface on the skin. These are quite painful and usually fill with pus. Cysts many times will leave a scar.

Nobules - these blemished are very visible and are seen on the surface of your skin. These are large, hard pimples. They usually become painful and sit deeply embedded in the skin.

Pustules - they are clearly visible at the surface of your skin. These generally are red at the base then have pus at the top.

The best way to avoid these problems is to wash your face twice a day. Don't wash it more than that, or you will dry your skin and that can make inflammation worse. Keep your hands clean and don't touch your face with dirty hands. Keep phones, glasses and anything else that touches you face clean. This will keep Sebum and debris from getting in your pores to clog them.

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