Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Photofacial Treatment - For A Smoother You

A smooth glowing skin is aspired by every individual. However, poor eating habits, work pressure, environmental changes and age cause changes in the skin making it dull. If you are looking to improve the overall texture and appearance of the skin, Photofacial or Photorejuvination can give you exceptional results. The basic benefits of these include reduced pore size, reduced wrinkle size and an even skin tone. The best part is there is minimal discomfort and no down time virtually.

IPL Photofacial is an innovative technique to get a smooth skin texture, fine tone and color quickly and comfortably. It's a non-invasive method of Photorejuvenation and can treat photo-aged skin, remove spots due to age, benign brown pigments and redness of broken capillaries.

Working of IPL Photofacial:

The process includes the use of a laser light medical device which delivers a series of gentle pulses of light on the skin surface of the patient. In this, a series of treatments are included which effectively reduces redness, wrinkles, broken capillaries, sun damage, red spots, fine lines, melasma conditions and rosacea. Every Photofacial treatment is customized according to skin damage. For this, a registered nurse analyses your skin and set specific settings. For better results, fewer patients opt for microdermadrasion or chemical peels along with Photofacial treatments in order to enhance results.

After setting the specific readings, your doctor and you have to wear Eyewear. After this, a cool gel is applied on the skin surface to be treated. Now, a hand-piece is applied to the skin which makes you feel cool. The hand-piece release light pulses which enters into the skin giving you a warm pinching sensation.


On an average, the treatment requires 4-6 sessions which are scheduled at 4 week intervals. Each session takes you 20 minutes and patients and clients can return to their normal activity without any downtime. Some people immediately notice redness on the skin following the treatment. Initially all the signs of sun damage and red spot will become more prominent but they will fade and flake off in a week or two.

The broken capillaries in the skin will be either blanched out or will get dark. Your patience for two three weeks will give you a clear and younger complexion. You will soon notice that there is a reduction in red spots, freckles, pigmentation and other skin problems. However, for best results, you must avoid direct exposure to the sun. You can also wear broad spectrum sunblock even in winter months.

So, you see that a process which just takes few minutes 4-5 times can give you the dream look when everything else fails.

The laser pulses used in the laser are magical. Besides Photofacial, they are also used in other skin and hair treatments like laser hair removal, wrinkle removal, tattoo removal and many others. With all these treatments, you can get unexpected results which no other cosmetic treatment can provide.

Safety tip: Being well-informed before any type of laser treatment is very essential as the results of the therapy changes from individual to individual depending upon the skin type and color.

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