Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sebustop(R) and Botanical Complex SCA(R) - Acne Treatment That Works

Sebustop® and Botanical SCA® have become known as two of the most effective ingredients for treating acne. Used individually or combined, they offer several of the most promising, naturally-derived solutions for controlling acne, blemishes and pimples.

Is Natural Better?

While many chemicals and medications have been proven effective for either eliminating or "curing" acne, as with many solutions, they have their own set of side effects - most commonly excessively dry or cracking facial skin.

Other ingredients such as Alpha Hydroxy, Camphor, Zinc, Zinc PCA and even alcohol can be effective for reducing oiliness and acne symptoms, but typically address one symptom or cause.

Together with several of these ingredients, Sebustop® and Botanical SCA® are naturally-derived from botanical extracts, have some certified organic compounds, and are free or preservatives; generally, this makes them uniquely suited for use in acne treatments due to low irritation and inflammation levels for acne-laden or acne-prone skin. Natural can be better - especially when it comes to acne and blemishes.

Some Background

Sebustop® was developed and is manufactured by the French firm, Solabia Group®. It is a phyto-active compound developed after several years research into the tannin and oil control properties of several hundred botanical extracts. The final formula combines root and bark extracts of cassia, ginger and burnet - all of which showed the greatest efficacy in reducing bacteria, infection, fungus, excess oil and pore size. Sebustop ®clinical studies showed...

  • Pore diameter/size reduction up 11%
  • Inhibition of pore dilation up to 32%
  • Inhibition of epidermis and aures staph, and propionibacterium acnes up to 86.6%

All of which make it super-effective for treating acne and acne symptoms and is used in acne products like Acnetene®.

Similarly, Botanical Complex SCA®, manufactured by The Herbarie, is an innovative formula of extracts that combines Nettle, Melissa, Elderflower, Cleavers and Plantain. Developed as a soothing astringent, Botanical Complex SCA is excellent for reducing inflammation, irritation, redness, and for providing natural antiseptic benefits and wound healing.

"SCA" contains high levels of antioxidants and is key to rejuvenating and promoting healthy, blemish-free tissue growth. Additionally, as an astringent, it is very effective at minimizing sebaceous gland secretions (read oily skin) and reducing the size of enlarged pores that can trap dirt, worn skin cells, bacteria and infection.

An Effective Combination for Acne Treatment that Works

Both Sebustop® and Botanical Complex SCA® both bring significant benefits to the acne treatment "table". Though acne and blemishes are often triggered by hormones - especially with teens - bacteria embedded in pores combines with yeast and fungus to cause infection, blocking pores to cause whiteheads or pustules and blackheads. This leads to inflammation of sebaceous glands and surrounding tissue creating swelling and tenderness. The reduction and control of excess oiliness and secretions together with inhibiting or killing bacteria can clear and prevent infection and irritation.

These fundamental benefits make both of these ingredients ideal for acne treatments such as acne facial cleanser, acne moisturizers, toners, pads, and masks/spot treatments.

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