Monday, February 4, 2013

Spray Tan at Home

Tips to achieve the perfect self tan

Fake tan has become the secret of looking as gorgeous as you feel you should be. It has helped many have the illusion of having longer limbs, slimmer figures and skin tones that are to die for and of course a glow that is simply stunning. This and many other benefits that come in the spray tan can have left many hiding behind it to look all gorgeous every single day of their lives or during those special occasions when they need to stand out from the rest.

One of the secret tips that you need to know especially when thinking of taking a self tan at home is choice of the right tanning formula. You need to ensure that you go for a color that matches with your natural skin. You can however deepen the tan especially if you have skin that is already tanned ensuring that the difference is barely visible.

If you are pale skinned on the other hand, you will need to settle for medium and light spray tan formulas since the darker versions will only end up looking too heavy on the natural color of your skin. You can always have the experts help in choosing the best spray tan for you to use at home and still achieve the desired results.

The fake tan does react to alkaline conditions and in case what you are using for the tanning is sunless designed, then you should ensure that you give it sometime before you apply the spray tan especially if you have used a soap that is alkaline. The time you take will allow the body or skin to restore the pH levels considered to be normal and usual hence you are sure of no negative reactions when spraying the tan.

You also will need to be patient and careful with the application of the tan. For instance, there are some parts of the body that you should avoid applying the tan and this should be followed to the letter. There are now easy to use products in the market and by following the home use guidelines; you will manage to eventually achieve that flawless look and beauty you have been reaching out for. With the right products, equipment and following of guidelines, you will have a professional finish without having to spend any time or money in a beauty parlor.

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