Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What Causes Pimples? The Top Foods to Avoid When Suffering From Acne

When you are suffering from acne skin problems it is very important that you understand what makes it worse or better. There are some types of food that can cause pimples, while others help your skin regain its flexibility, balance and health. This way you are able to manage your acne skin problem better and need no or little medication to treat pimples. Below you will find the most dangerous foods that can make your zits worse.

Oily Food and Processed Fat

Processed fat is very hard on the digestive system, and this means that your metabolism slows down. When this happens, antioxidants are busy breaking down the fat (if they are able to at all) and this means your natural detoxifying processes are affected. Your blood still contains too much fat that builds up in your body, as well as your skin. Excess oil in your skin can cause acne.

Fried Food

Fried food doesn't only have oil and fat, but also plenty of toxins in it. While oil burns different toxic substances are released, and you eat this. If you go to a fast food place, you need to find out how many times the place uses the oil for frying. It is likely that it is on all day long. All the toxins and fat will build up in your system and cause the blockage of pores; this is why you get pimples.

Oily Seeds

For some people, oily seeds are not allowed at all. Among those who are getting skin reactions to nuts, only a small percentage is diagnosed. However, if you are not allergic, chances are that these seeds are too heavy on your digestive system and cause problems. When your blood is trying to dissolve oil, it delivers some into your skin and this can cause acne.

Sugar and Chocolate

Sugar is known for causing acne skin problems, and this is because it does not break down in the blood for a long time, either. Moreover, sugar does change the hormonal levels of the body, and if you suffer from hormonal acne, this can be critical for your condition. If you would like to avoid pimples, you are better off getting sugar from fruits instead of a processed form. It is also easier for your body to break it down.


Carbs, not only sugar can cause acne. Pasta, pastries and bread have a really high glycemic index, which causes the blood sugar level to rise. There is a connection between blood sugar levels and acne, so if you would like to avoid skin problems, you really need to cut back on carbs and consume more raw food.

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