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Diode Laser Treatment Everything That You Need to Know

Diode Laser Treatment Everything That You Need to Know

These days, people are in a race to get rid of the unwanted hair and this is why whether laser procedure for hair removal is safe or not comes in question quite often. Individuals who have a lot of patience may stick to a razor, whereas those who do not possess that might make a queue outside a waxing salon. And then there are customers who are looking for permanent solutions can opt for diode laser treatment. There are many clinics today who offer such treatments to the needy. Apart from diode, Nd Yag is another type of laser method performed for permanent hair removal.

The diode treatment is quite effective for the darker skin. It comes with fast repetition rates. Also, it can cover a wider area of the body, allowing fast treatment. This procedure features a larger wavelength and therefore is able to offer better results to the dark-skinned people. As for advantages, it is a way safer procedure, providing deeper penetration in the skin. Broad areas of the body recover faster too. Different types of diode laser tools are SLP 100, MeDioStar, Apex 800, Epistar, F1 Diode and Light Sheer.

This type of laser treatment is quite efficient for hair removal or hair reduction. The best part is that this kind of method is effective in all skin types. In order to have a successful result from the treatment, it is essential to ensure that the process is carried out by specialists who are experienced and well-trained. Also, there are some prerequisites that need to be followed just before your laser hair removal treatment. They are as follows;

  • Shave the region that needs to be treated just the day before the process. For that use soapy lukewarm water
  • If there is any change that need to done in your medical declaration form then make sure you inform the clinic.

Aside, it is equally important to take proper care of the skin post the procedure. And for that you should keep your skin hydrated. Use creams daily; of course, the ones that are suggested by the specialist. You should consider applying cold compress if you find the area of the skin hot and uncomfortable.

Whether you are opting for Nd Yag laser or diode treatment make sure that you do not wear tight fitted clothing on the very day of treatment. After the procedure you might feel a little scratchy, but see that you don't scratch. Once you contact the specialist he or she will tell you better what to do and what not to do before the process.

Before choosing a particular clinic you should do sufficient research. Scan through the website and look for the information provided by the clinic as well as the reviews posted by the previous clients as this will give you a good idea of their workings.


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