Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Does Hair Transplant Work on People Having Health Issues?

The most important point while deciding to go for the hair transplant to get rid of hair loss, alopecia, or baldness is that; are we eligible for it or not, it will work for us or not? These questions regarding the candidature of hair transplantation can only be decided by the hair expert who has experience of hair restoration.

Hair Clinic in Ahmedabad deals many cases of hair transplantation and among them most of the patients have same medical condition or health issues that questioned about the eligibility of them being a candidate of hair transplantation.

Hair Transplantation do work on people having medical condition but only when their condition is analyzed properly by the expert to reach on any conclusion, An expert before the restoration process will do the following:

  1. Medical Tests: The hair expert will ask the patients to go for all the required tests and checkup like blood test depending upon the disease he or she is having. Hair clinic on Ahmedabad perform all major pre checkups before transplantation so that to yield successful result without any risk.

  2. Consultation and Analysis: If any patient have any health issue the hair expert consult the patient to know about the family history then the doctor deeply and carefully analyze the reports of the tests done in order to decide that hair transplantation will work or not.

  3. Pre-Operative care: After deciding that the patient can be the candidate the Dermatologist hands over the guidelines of pre-operative care and medication on the basis of patient’s medical condition which will help in the success of the operation.

  4. Hair Transplantation: Then the procedure of hair restoration is carried out Hair clinic in Ahmedabad performs best hair transplantation with minimum invasion and low risk as their doctors are highly qualified and expertise in tackling the varied range of patients they have generated successful results for patients suffering from diabetes, iron deficiency, thyroid and many more.

  5. Post Operative Care: After the surgical process the patients need to take care and in case of medical condition it would be extra like if a diabetic has infection after hair transplant then it will take more time to heal there is also chances of hair to fall out. That is why as the expert guides, the patient should follow that he must take all medicines prescribed by the doctor after restoration and should immediately visit the doctor if any problem arises.

An experienced doctor will always perform the operation after the proper research and analysis of medical issue of the patient in order to make the hair transplantation work for them.

Doctors who have known for performing Best Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad suggest whether hair transplant will work or not on those having different health issues like thyroid, diabetes, Anemia, heart problems, blood pressure and many more that totally depend on how their body respond to these issues and yes there are some medication available that will help in the re growth of hair despite of these health issues.

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