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Get That Perfect Shave With Best Safety Razors

Get That Perfect Shave With Best Safety Razors

One of the twelve habits of impeccably groomed men is learning to shave like an expert! Keeping facial hair tamed and maintained is a must if you want people to take you seriously. That is why it makes sense to buy a shaving machine and get the best shaving razors available.

Best Safety Razors

Among the wide choice of safety razors available in the market, double edged razor blades (DE) are considered the most advanced shaving system as of today.

The other kinds of safety razors are:

  • Single edge- This type of shaving razor has a single edge blade. It looks like DE blades. It is good for ingrown hair removal.
  • Injector- This is a single edge blade razor that has an injectable device so that you can change blades without having to risk getting hurt by handling the blade.
  • Double edge – The popular DE razors. They have blades that have two edges, so one can alternate between the sides while shaving. They are available in different styles in weight and sizes and with different strengths for different types of beard growth.
  • Disposable – These are the throwaway types after a couple of uses. They are not very effective
  • Cartridge- These are very much in vogue nowadays and made popular by Gillette company. These blades come in sets of four, in a plastic cartridge.

Mens's Shaving Kits

A basic shaving kit consists of the additional things you would require when using a shaving razor.

  • A shaving razor preferable double edged
  • A shaving brush
  • A stand to hold the above two
  • Shaving cream or soap
  • A bowl to mix the two

Shaving kits also come with pre shave oils which provide a protective barrier against nicks and cuts. Aftershave lotions and creams help to disinfect and moisturize the area.


Electric shavers are available in the market from reputed manufacturers like Gilette, Phillip, Braun, etc. The safety, convenience and versatility of these versus the time honored manual shave make it a popular choice. The best shaver for men among these have the following features:

  • Good performance. Can almost match a manual shave for its closeness
  • Wet and dry models
  • Charging station that does the job of cleaning the razor

Some tips for the perfect shave

  • Always use hot water to soften the beard. It is a good idea to shave during or after a hot shower.
  • Make a rich lather on your face with a good brush. When shaving, dip a clean sharp blade in hot water and using a gentle pressure, shave along the grain of the beard growth. For a closer shave, re-lather and this time shave against the grain.
  • Rinse with cold water after shaving and dab on an aftershave moisturizer.

So get that perfect shave today!


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