Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Two Popular E-Liquids From Coil Glaze Sold By True Vape USA

Being one of the most popular e-cigarette online stores, True Vape USA continues to offer high-end products from reputed companies. E-liquids from Coil Glaze are one of the bestselling products from the store. Coil Glaze is popular for offering sweet and creamy e-liquids for those who do not prefer strong flavors.

Let’s go through the two popular flavors of e-liquid from Coil Glaze sold by True Vape USA.

Honey Bunz

For every vaper with a sweet tooth out there, Honey Hunz is the perfect e-liquid in the market. During the inhalation, the natural taste of honey stays on your tongue, which is slowly converted to a creamy flavor. As the creamy infusion touches the back of the throat, a warmth sensation is experienced in the form of mild cinnamon flavor. The flavor is enhanced by the mellow honey coating. The product is available with different levels of nicotine, including 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg. It is available for 24.99 dollars from the website. Several aficionados of vaping flavors consider this e-liquid as one of the best tried by them.

Whipped Dreamz

Another popular product from Coil Glaze, this e-liquid possesses simplicity at its core. It basically contains airy and light sponge cake, along with whipped strawberry cream. This is further topped with strawberry syrup. The e-liquid comes with a visually appealing 60 ml unicorn bottle. To ensure attention to the detail, the bottle possesses ingredient and warning labels. Also, the safety cap ring and child safety cap make sure maximum protection is offered with it. Just like the Honey Bunz, Whipped Dreamz is also available with various nicotine levels. Also, the price of one is same as that of the Honey Bunz.

Both of these flavors possess 80/20 mix of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). This ratio allows you experience more throat hit while vaping. This mix also enhances the flavor during the vaping sessions.

The flavors from Coil Glaze have received awards from some reputable events associated with the vaping industry. Whipped Dreams was voted as the “Best Custard Flavor” and “Best All-Around Flavor” by the consumers during Oklahoma VapeJam 2016 that took place in the Oklahoma City. The flavor by Coil Glaze also received “Best in Show E-liquid Award” in May 2016 at the International Center in Toronto Canada during Canada’s Vape Expo (CVE).

Other than selling myriad e-liquids, True Vape USA is also known for its range of vaping accessories. Rechargeable batteries for e-cigarettes are some of the accessories popular among vapers. The online store sells a range of batteries from different brands, including MNKE, Samsung, and Imren.

To order the accessories or e-liquids, visit this link: To clarify your doubts and queries, give a call on this number: 844-827-3872.

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