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Know Your Dermatology Problems

Know Your Dermatology Problems

Know your skin types

We all have diverse skin types. Before treatment of your dermatology issue you must know your skin type. It can be classified into three types; Normal, dry and oily.

Normal Skin type is neither oily nor flaky dry. If you have normal outer layers, then you are a lucky one because this it experience less dermatology problems as compared to oily and dry skin.

Dry Skin shows dry flakes on the face and trust me it looks like horrible white cells are gathered in your face and body. Dry skin has small pores, hardly to see. It is moisture less so a person with this should use creams or makeup, which has oil in it. It can easily catch allergies, which cause redness and visible lines.

Oily skin has grease in skin tissues. People with this skin type have large pores and this skin type is acne prone. It is a home of blackheads, acne and blemishes. It remains best in winter but summer causes more oil on the face.

Your Skin can be sensitive, so if you have a sensitive body type than any beauty product can easily react to your face and body badly. When you use any beauty product, your skin easily reacts in the form of rashes, redness, itching and sometimes acnes. People with sensitivity are so unlucky. Their skin can react with anything like makeup, pollution, sun rays, heat, etc.

Common Dermatological Problems

1. Acne and blemishes: – It seems very difficult for a person with acne to gain a clear face. If you constantly experience acne over your face and neck, then you urgently need a treatment to clear your face. Without treatment black spots and acne scar can appear on your face for a long time. These marks look so ugly on your face and sometimes makeup cannot cover up them. Many effective skin treatments are available for acne such as acne peel, acne treatment. If you want to get rid of serious acne issue, then you can consult a good dermatologist in Delhi who can give a proper treatment for your dermatological problems.

2. Blackheads: – Blackheads are the small features of Acne. It occurs because of blockage in skin pores which leads to acne and zits in the future. Excess production of sebum can lead to the production of blackheads. There are many possible reasons which cause blackheads; hormonal disturbance, poor hygiene, access makeup, oily skin, improper diet, etc. You can get rid of blackheads with scrubbing, peeling, etc. but you know what excessive scrubbing and washing can worse your skin condition. So it is advisable to consult a good dermatologist for your dermatology problems. Don't be your own doctors; your looks are the mirror of your personality.

3. Suntan and Sunburn: – Not all sunscreens can protect your face and body from suntan or sunburn. Covering your face would not be enough to protect from UV rays. Exposing your face and body in sun rays can cause bad damage. But what to do with tanning and sun exposure, we all know it is quite common and important for the synthesis of vitamin D in the human body. Tanning is a process in which your skin gets darkened due to UV rays of the sun. You can easily get rid of suntan from home remedies, but sometimes face and body burns so badly due to sun rays that it seems impossible to get rid of tanning. Don't worry; if you want to get rid of tanning asap, then you can try skin treatments for pigmentation or tanning. Dr. Tushar Opneja is a dermatologist in Noida, Delhi and Gurgaon who can give you treatments at a reasonable price.


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